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N. Mescheryakova

Anatoly Zucker – musicus ludens: traits to the portrait of the jubilee man

The author explores the musicological creative work by Anatoly Tsuker in various guises, presenting him as a scholar, pedagogue and music educator. Much attention is paid to the researcher that impact on the professional formation of Tsuker School of free-thinking that the young musician was held under the guidance of their teacher Leah Jakovlevna Khinchin. The specific attention is also attached to another of his mentor Arnold Sokhor, who influenced the creative views by Tsuker and has armed him with the research tools enabled him to study the dependence of mass genres from conditions of their existence and to interrelationship between academic and mass music. The paper proposes the musicologist to be evaluated not as a passive observer but as an active participant and reformer of the artistic process. From this point of view the Rostov Youth Musical Club created by Tsuker is assessed to have social-cultural value as a school of freedom of expression and perception of various musical genres and styles. The article contains an important conclusion that Tsuker has managed not only to position itself in the field of modern art studies, innovative pedagogy and applied musicology, but also he approved a new status of musicologist – creative and noncontemplating, and thus prone to improvisation and play.

Key words

A. Tsuker, L. Khinchin, A. Sokhor, Rostov Youth Musical Club, G. Fried, musicalartistic communication, musical enlightenment, applied music scholarship.