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Publishing Ethics

Publication Ethics Statement

The Publication ethics statement is based upon the COPE

The high priority of the Editorial Stuff is responsibility for everything published in the journal. The duties of the editors should be done properly and correctly. It should be aimed to:

  • meet both readers’ and authors’ needs, considering their rights and interests;
  • fight against plagiarism and copyright infringement;
  • ensure the quality of the material published;
  • preclude business needs from compromising intellectual standards;
  • constantly improve the journal;
  • publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed.

Publishing and Copyright

We respect copyright and fight against plagiarism and fraud. To be published the article should not contain any percent of plagiarism (every article is tried with the electronic Anti-Plagiarism System). Any material will not be published if the author gives roguish data. All the articles given by the authors should be unique and should not be published in any other sources.

Authors’ responsibility

Authors should participate in reviewing process. It is authors’ priority to make a contribution to development of science by their research, to make every article substantial, clear and interesting for the readers. All the data published is to be original and reliable. If the allegedly incorrect data is found in the article during the reviewing process the author is to give the verification or to correct it.

Reviewers’ responsibility

Actions of reviewers are regulated by the Guidance to reviewers published by editors. Judgments of reviewers are to be objective and evidential. The conflict of interests is inadmissible for reviewers’ relations with authors, academic organizations and sponsors. Reviewers should note the corresponding published works which aren't quoted in article. All the reviewers are to observe the confidentiality of reviews.

Editor's duties

Editors take the capital responsibility and rights to accept or reject an article. The conflict of interests is inadmissible for editor’ relations with authors, academic organizations and sponsors. Editors’ decisions to accept or reject a paper for publication should be based only on the paper’s importance, originality, and clarity, and the study’s relevance to the remit of the journal. A description of peer review processes should be published, and Editors should be ready to justify any important deviation from the described processes.

Privacy policy and protecting individual data

Editors should protect the confidentiality of individual information. The Journal shall take all necessary actions, including taking legal steps, brining to responsibility for, to prevent disclosure of the confidential information by any representative or any employee of the party obtaining the confidential information, or to prevent unauthorized usage or disclosure of any confidential information by the third party or from the representatives or the employees of such Party.