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L. Kyazimova

«Cinematographic intentions» in the symphonism by Qara Qaraev: from «Don Quijote» to «Goya»

The most important features of artistic conceptions and musical dramaturgy in symphonic engravings «Don Quijote» and the Fourth symphony «Goya» by Q. Qaraev are elucidated in the article. The researcher characterizes program-music specificity of this works which is depended on its connection with the literary origins by M. Cervantes and L. Feuchtwanger. The ways of realization of soundtracks’ music material (from movies by G. Kozintsev and K. Wolf) in «Don Quijote» and «Goya» are examined. The role of pictorialism and abstract plotness as basic types of program-music thinking in symphonic works by Q. Qaraev is marked.

Key words

Q. Qaraev, program-music symphonism, film-music, symphonic engravings «Don Quijote», the Fourth symphony «Goya».