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I. Yarkina

Funk style formation: S. Stone and his debut album «A Whole New Thing»

Оne of the earliest examples of funk style as phenomenon of the «third layer» which had considerable impact on various currents and directions in area of both jazz, and rock, and pop music is considered in the article. Sources of funk style which arose on a climax of social-cultural processes, typical for America of the 1960s when freedom and the right for self-expression of the Afro-Americans was the main idea are tracked. The role and value of a creative figure of S. Stone which founded «Sly & The Family Stone» ensemble and acted as the author and performer of songs which entered the debut album «A Whole New Thing» (1967) are defined. In the article first specificity of vocal-instrumental ensemble in funk style is elucidated from musicological positions, the analytical descriptions of compositions from the named album are given. The author emphasizes transitional features of this style which incorporated soil Afro-American traditions (spirituals, gospels, soul), and also influences of the light jazz and «white» rock-and-roll culture. She marks that interactions furthered intensive development of a youth electronic song and dance music in disco and R&B styles.

Key words

сulturе of the «third layer», funk style, S. Stone, «Sly & The Family Stone» group, album «A Whole New Thing», vocal-instrumental ensemble in funk style, youth electronic music.