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A. Skryabina

«Pictures at an Exhibition» by M. Mussorgsky in the style dialogues with modernity

Style dialogues between classical music, jazz, rock and other spheres of musical art display a tradition of the XXth century which develops today actively. Two transcriptions of M. Mussorgsky’s piano cycle «Pictures at an Exhibition» are examined in the article. The first transcription belongs to the British rock group «Emerson, Lake & Palmer», the second version – to our compatriots, jazz musician Alex Rostotsky and composer A. Rozenblat. These experiments are among the remarkable examples of a style synthesis. Studying of tendencies which are connected with such use of classical models permits to reveal different levels of transformation of classical music language in the context of various style trends of popular musical culture.

Key words

jazz, art rock, progressive rock, transcription, M. Mussorgsky, «Pictures at an Exhibition», «Emerson, Lake & Palmer», A. Rostotsky, A. Rozenblat, style dialogue, improvisation.