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P. Volkova, E. Vybyvanets

«Pierrot Lunaire» by O. Herrmann: a trial of the reinterpretation

The analytical commentary for a visual reinterpretation of a vocal cycle by A. Schoenberg «Pierrot Lunaire» (it belongs to the film director O. Herrmann) is presented in the article. The question is a film «One Night, One Life», the leading role in that was played the outstanding singer K. Schaefer. The authors concentrate their attention on existential «reading» of the named cycle by O. Herrmann owing to what in the centre of the film text there is a subject of search conformably to sense of the person’s existence in the face of inevitable death. In focus of researcher’s interest there are six film short stories which correspond to the following numbers of a vocal cycle: «Intoxicated with the Moon», «Kolombina», «Dandy», «The Pale Laundress », «Waltz by Chopin», «Madonna». In general, a trial of a visual reinterpretation is interpreted as process of re-comprehension with respect to the origin’s text which serves in the capacity of initial moment for the individual conception by O. Herrmann. This trial permits to claim that a violation of expecting intention caused by the «shouting» dissonance between musical-poetic material and immediately visual component of the synthetic art text is favoured a penetration into «sense profundities» as condition of a productive composer’s dialogue with the listener. In other words, the trial of a reinterpretation by O. Herrmann sets a new vector of understanding in conformity with everlasting work by A. Schoenberg, corroborating a substantial polysemantic nature of any original work of art. The analysis of director’s work is realized by authors of the article against a background of wide culturological discourse. In particular, some works by the painters S. Dali, M. Escher, film directors S. Kubrick, Yu. Kara, writer V. Nabokov are mentioned.

Key words

A. Schoenberg, vocal cycle «Pierrot lunaire», O. Herrmann, film «One Night, One Life», existentia, film text, S. Dali, M. Escher, S. Kubrick, Yu. Kara, V. Nabokov.