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A. Nagornova

Brasilian bossa nova: saudade in the songs by A. K. Zhobim

The article is devoted to bossa nova, the musical phenomenon appeared in Brazil in the middle of the XXth century. Author characterizes some musical and poetical features of this genre, which caused in many respects the attractiveness of bossa nova for musicians and audience all over the world. In particular, the most important sources of bossa nova that were realized in the suitable musical «vocabulary» are marked: Brazilian sambacanção (song samba), some schools of jazz (cool, bebop styles) and classical music (impressionism). Particular attention is given to the conception of saudade as a peculiar figurative-semantic quintessence of bossa nova. Saudade is the sphere, which became a symbol for the Brazilian culture and found a brightly embodiment in music. Saudade is a Portuguese word, one of the most famous untranslatables in the contemporary world. It may be defined as «sad», «sadness», «melancholy». The author of the article gives some definitions of the named term. Musical and poetical interpretation of saudade is considered with the example of «Chega de Saudade» («That’s Enough Being Melancholy »), a composition by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinishius de Moraes, one of the most famous bossa novas.

Key words

bossa nova, saudade, A. C. Jobim, V. de Moraes, Brazilian music.