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G. Ovsyankina

Phenomenon of the late style by B. Tischenko

The article is devoted to the creative work of the 2000s by B. Tischenko. This creative work is characterized in aspect of the late composer’s style. The author of the article notes that high creative activity is one of the major components of the mentioned style. This activity is caused by the rational approach to organization of the creative process; the method also springs from the experience of many years. For the period of 2000–2005 the composer’s aspirations are bound up with completion of the main artistic project – the cycle from five «Dante-symphonies» (on «The Divine Comedy»). The author of the article is guided by the method of inter-textual analysis; he elucidates the interactions between «Dante-symphonies» and other works of the mentioned years by B. Tischenko, the dialogues of this cycle with musical classics and some compositions of the XXth century. The priority feature of the late style is strengthening of composer’s reflexion which stimulates steady increase of the role and importance of semantics, intertextual parallels and direction of various models. The major style components are also the communicative intention of musical language and basing on classical heritage. Hence own works by B. Tischenko created before and compositions by W. A. Mozart, F. Schubert, P. Tchaikovsky, etc. appear in the capacity of the used text-«origins». In the view of the researcher, numerous works by B. Tischenko dated the last decade of life completely correspond to the typological lines of late style. Moreover, these works point to the remaining weighty potential in the sphere of individual style evolution.

Key words

B. Tischenko, late composer’s style, creative process, composer reflexion, inter-textual parallels.