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Т. Rudichenko

The realization of the «Volga-Don» project and transformation of the traditional culture

The article is devoted to the problem of transformation as applied to the traditional culture under the influence of the State social-economic reorganization. The researcher defines the direction of changes that cultural environment and musical folklore have undergone following the realization of the large-scale project such as Volga-Don waterway and making of the irrigated agriculture zone on the steppe lands. The factors that contributed to the transformation of the tradition culture are revealed by the author, and song genres, genre cycles, and various aspects of their style exposed to changes are elucidated. The demographic changes arising from resettlements, deformations regarding traditional mechanism of farming skills transmission, remaking of the natural and cultural landscape, the loss of religious-worship places and the collapse of communities in the Old-believers areas, the alienation of the medieval archaeological sites are examined in the article. The author comes to conclusions about the interruption of the tradition, its deformation and fragmentation, stylistic confusions of the song folklore (changes which aren’t observed on this scale in other areas of the Don). In the opinion of the researcher a methodological significance of this study is attended with a request of the trustworthy attribution of sources as a precondition for the interpretation of field data, the possible using of them, primarily in synchronic studies and the limited attraction for the historical reconstructions.

Key words

«Volga-Don» project, traditional culture, transformation, musical style mixing, interpretation of field data, synchronic studies.