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M. Obolenskaya

A value approach to music: the trial of method working out

The author’s trial in systematization of cognitive processes connected with evaluation acts of musical pieces is represented in the article. Side by side with this, some aspects concerning a process of creation conformably to musical piece are touched upon. Later a method of musical objects evaluation worked out by the researcher on inter-discipline base is characterized and substantiated. It is noted that a value approach in music supposes a combination of artistic and aesthetic evaluations. The mentioned inter-conditional concepts are used by the author as oppositions correlating with objective and subjective criteria accordingly. At the same time a full-scale realization of elucidated approach isn’t permit the separate examination of this sides. As the author thinks an elaboration of the value theory of music style should further attaining the objective evaluation of musical phenomena. Thus a key component in the method of value comprehension with respect to the mentioned phenomena is style analysis. The process of artistic evaluation conformably to music style is constituted by juxtaposing two corresponding levels: idiomorphic (specific features of individual composer’s thinking) with stationary (epochal principles of music thinking). The latter in one’s turn is conditioned by mutual conjugation of topos (mental signs of national culture) and chronos (intonation and genre traditions).

Key words

value of musical piece, value approach in music, artistic evaluation, aesthetic evaluation, theory of style, style analysis, idiomorphic and stationary levels of musical style.