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G. Tyumbeyeva

About the author's beginning in A. Mandzhiyev's music

In article some questions of works of the Kalmyk composer A. N. Mandzhiyev, such as manifestation of its author's beginning are considered. It is possible to speak about two sides of the author's beginning of A. Mandzhiyev: 1) effective, vigorous and 2) meditative, reflexing. The interpretation of the author's beginning in many respects is defined by characteristic features of «nomadic culture». So, the active, effective part has the national nature of a concept «Horse». Being the main symbol of nomadic culture, the horse personifies the powerful beginning peculiar to A. Mandzhiyev's music. This party of identity of the Kalmyk composer was embodied in a peculiar leyttema which plies on his works, paints them the author's relation, turns into some kind of musical autograph. Other party of its author's beginning is realized in the tematizm of other plan which doesn't have so bright national coloring and concentrating in itself an expression of spiritual search. «Dvoyemiriye» of an author's picture of the world influences not only thematic types, but also features of a structure of his large instrumental works, their dramatic art. Evolution of the author's beginning of A. Mandzhiyev reveals in gradual transition from works of subjective thematics and contents to the compositions of larger stroke appealing to national idea.

Key words

Kalmyk composing school, A. Mandzhiyev, author's beginning, nomadic culture, concept «Horse», national picture of the world.