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E. Andruschenko

Musical and rock opera in our native-land musicology of the 1980s: towards the sources of a research tradition (article 1)

The published article elucidates the main tendencies which are typical for the native-land musicological research works in the first half of the 1980s about musical and rock opera. As the author of the article notes the intention to the purposeful and profound comprehension of poly-face and dynamically developing genres in various aspects of their stage being clearly prevails in works of this period. The question in particularly is the search of «genre identity», understanding of genesis, style, dramaturgy, composition features conformably to the mentioned genres, their historical evolution during the XXth century etc. Such «changing of priorities» is evidence of the native-land musicology direction toward the deep study of essential, immanent features of musical and rock opera. In the near prospects it furthered the appearance of original innovatory works about «popular-genre» musical theatre of the XXth century. In the capacity of representative examples for analytical examination there are drawn the research essays «Contemporary Musical» by M. Grinberg and M. Tarakanov, «From Vaudeville to Musical» by T. Kudinova, «About Musical» by E. Kampus, «Aesthetics of Rock and Soviet Rock Opera» by A. Porfirieva, and chronologically near works by cinematologists I. Shilova and M. Khanish about film versions of musicals too.

Key words

musical, rock opera, «populargenre» musical theatre of the XXth century, genre definition, film-musical.