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G. Gontarenko, G. Sycheva

From the History of Music Education in Rostov-on-Don

The article highlights the main stages of the life and work conformably to the series of contemporary composers, whose professional activities’ basics began in the M. Gnessin Music School in Rostov-on-Don. The article gives a brief excursus into the history of the Music School; the information about the founder and the first teachers of the latter, their views on musical enlightenment and primary professional education is given. The Gratuitous music school, founded by Gnesin on the boundary of the XXth century in Nakhichevan, is suggested to have become the unique place, where the special atmosphere for the development of musical talents (in performing, and also composing art) was created. The article involved an extensive empiric material concerning the biography and creative activity of composers, former students of the M. Gnessin School: Gayane Chebotaryan, Vladimir Druzhinin, Petr Gekker and Galina Gontarenko. The authors believe that in the appropriate biographies and works there is a certain continuity of the traditions established by the M. Gnessin School in the pre-October period. The article proposes the idea of the generations continuity associated with opening of new music schools, in line with the new music trends, initiated by the graduates of the M. Gnessin School. There given an example of the foundation of Jazz School named of K. Nazaretov, one of the famous graduates of the «Gnessinka».

Key words

composers’ education, Gayane Chebotaryan, Vladimir Druzhinin, Petr Gekker, Galina Gontarenko.