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F. Revenko

Concerto-poem for trumpet and orchestra by Leonid Izrailevich

The article is devoted to the performing analysis of one of the brilliant pieces by Leonid Iosifovich Izraylevich – A Concerto-poem for Trumpet and Orchestra. The author provides a brief historical note on the activities and works by the composer, the outstanding representative of Russian musical performing art, public figure, one of the first professors at the S. V. Rachmaninov Rostov State Conservatory. The author gives the information about the history and the first performer of the Concerto-Poem, analyzes its basic performing problems and difficulties and gives some recommendations for overcoming them. Some historical facts given in the article are highlighted for the first time, being collected and compiled by the author. They are based on the memoirs of Leonid Iosifovich Israilevich, that composer and teacher shared in private conversations with his disciple, the author of this article. Concerto-Poem for trumpet and orchestra by Leonid Izrailevich has not been performed on the concert stage for many years. The desire of the author of the article is to attract the trumpet performers’ attention to this piece that is undeservedly forgotten, although for many years it was one of the major works of large forms, studied in the trumpet class at the Rostov State Conservatory.

Key words

Leonid Iosifovich Israilevich, trumpet, Concerto, Concerto-Poem for trumpet, S. V. Rachmaninov Rostov State Conservatory.