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O. Tverdokhlebova

Damiano Michieletto: traits to an artistic portrait

The article is devoted to the works by contemporary Italian opera director, Damiano Michieletto. Some biographical information about the director’s professional training and background is also provided in the article. The research method chosen to analyze opera performance is one that suggested by S. Porrino, which in turn is based on the criteria introduced by F. de Sanctis for the analysis of literary texts. At the same time, D. Michieletto’s direction-methods are considered with particular regard to the synthesis of the performance’s score, as described by M. D. Sabinina. Visual elements provide the basis for creating unity in the structure of the performance (director’s overture, repetition, climax and finale). The way of how Michieletto applies these elements creates a particular counterpoint to the opera score. Analysis of three opera performances is provided to exemplify this: Verdi’s «Falstaff», Mozart’s «Don Giovanni» and Puccini’s «Trittico».

Key words

contemporary Italian opera theater, staging, scenography, D. Michieletto.