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Y. Lobzakova

Musicological Terminology in the Field of Interaction of Humanitarian Sciences

The article considers some problems of terminological ‘globalization’ in modern musicology caused by active introduction of methodological approaches developed in other humanities into scientific research practice. The author analyzes the causes and results of the terminological ‘boom’ observed in the last decades, largely provoked by the involvement and adaptation of musical units borrowed from other professional languages in the scientific lexicon. Assessing the effect of this process on the integrity and consistency of the constantly evolving terminology of musicology, the author notes its positive and negative manifestations. Especially the author considers in detail the latter ones, which are manifested in the mechanical borrowing of terms that are not of the urgent needs in musicological science. This fact brings to the fore the task to regulate the relations between the involved and the traditional components in order to protect the terminology from the uncontrolled influx of borrowings that hinder its original development. As a result, the author comes to the conclusion that the problem of the use of terms borrowed from other sciences, as well as a number of other issues of the functioning of the musicologist’s professional vocabulary, should be the subject of serious discussion in the framework of professional term studies as a separate methodological field. And musicology has already long matured for the formation of such research field.

Key words

terminology, musicology, humanities, interdisciplinarity.