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Z. Kazharova

Kabardin Songs to Dances

This paper is to research Kabardian songs accompanying one of the varieties of dance – the kafa dance. The relevance of the topic is determined by the need to study the issues of stylistic attribution of this genre variety and the interaction between dance and music (vocal and instrumental) components. The purpose of the research is to identify the conditionality of the song stylistics by the function, as well as the interaction of vocal and instrumental intonation in the process performing. The tasks are: to identify the specifics of the songs’ being and to point out the stylistic features of the vocal part and instrumental play. The research made it possible to find out that the vocal melodies of the song reflect the specific performing techniques of playing the harmonica. The process of correlating between vocal and instrumental origins is characterized by stylistic and compositional interdependence with the “kafa” dance and the subordination of the song to instrumental music. The research revealed the commonality between songs and artistic techniques in the poetics of song lyrics, that in typical for both male and female traditions.

Key words

kafa, national harmonica, Circassians, dance music, songs for dances, correlation, Kabardian.