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N. Efimova

Modality of Ambrosian Hymns

The article reveals the specifics of monodic modality of Ambrosian hymns, which are regarded in terms of pre-oktoechos practice. The analysis of rich inner life of intonational development of the hymn tunes, which include multiple rests, flexible modus, movable formular bands within musical form of the hymns, permits the researchers talk about two different types of intonational development process: formular one and personalized one. The process differs from the rational logic of music of Gregorian practice and provides higher degree of intonational development flexibility, which is typologically similar to practice of different traditional ethnic origins. According to the theory by Y. N. Kholopov (who paid attention to the dialectics of the establishment process of ‘self-driven’ and ‘self-developing’ forms) and to the general theory of monody, initiated by S. P. Galitsky (whose theory of monody is considered as a type of music structure with its own fundamental categories), studying of monodic modality of Ambrosian hymns seems to be very promising, as the studying of cooperation of all the elements of the monody is undoubtedly scientifically advantageous.

Key words

Ambrosian hymns, modality, general theory of monody.