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A. Pastukhov

International Double Reed Society (IDRS): Its Role in the Development of Bassoon Performing

The article is devoted to the evaluation of the activity of the bassoon communities, associations, as well as Internet associations of performers, composers, teachers, producers of instruments and accessories, with the example of the largest and most important organization – International Double Reed Society (IDRS). The author characterizes the activity of associations and societies associated with bassoon performing in the context of modern trends in the development of academic music. The article discusses the main forms of activity of the International Double Reed Society (IDRS), as well as some issues related to the active formation and development of organizational and communicative ties in the sphere of modern bassoon performance. The article analyzes the processes and results of the active development of the bassoon practice observed in recent decades, largely due to the multi-vector activity of the International Double Reed Society (IDRS) and similar communities around the world. The forms and activities of IDRS, which are manifested in the work of conferences, master classes, competitions, exhibitions, forums, publications of scientific articles, are consistently considered. As a result, the author comes to the conclusion that since the academic music science does not fully reflect the situation with the woodwind instruments performance in the current cultural and historical conditions. It means that the issues of the activities by bassoon societies and associations, and their impact on the development of bassoon performance at the present stage should be the subject of a separate study in the field of musicology (performing, sociological, historical).

Key words

International Double Reed Society, bassoon performing, communicative connections.