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E. Lobzakova

Ancient Russian Cult Monody in the Space of Russian Musical Culture: Two Approaches to Studying

The article reveals the potential of two possible approaches – synchronic and diachronic – to study the Znamenny chant as a unique phenomenon in the Russian musical culture, which possesses unlimited axiological, ontological and artistic resources. The urgency of the publication is due to the need to eliminate the obvious bank towards the studying the cult Old Russian monody only from a certain period of time and to attract the attention of researchers to the process of its transmission in the domestic socio-cultural space and to study all possible variants of its interaction with the historical reality of different epochs. During the consideration of the stated problem, the specifics of the synchronous and diachronic vectors, the range of possible analytic aspects specific to each of them, and the degree of their study in the domestic musicology are described in details. As a result, a whole range of issues is revealed (for example, concerning the peculiarities of the semiosis of the Znamenny chant, the causes, conditions and mechanisms of its perception, both in the context of religious practice and art phenomena, not dependent on it, and a number of others) that require their solution. The author comes to a conclusion about the interdependence of the two stated approaches and the necessity of their organic combination in the process of studying the cult monody.

Key words

Russian culture, ancient Russian music, Znamenny chant, synchronic and diachronic methods, secular and sacred.