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Kulova I., Rudichenko T.

Traditional calendar of ossetian-christians in the light of people’s chronology

The timing of rituals, holidays, and related art forms reflects the conditioning of various time systems. The chronological vocabulary of Ossetians reflects seasonal nature phenomena, economic activities and signs of livestock breeders and traders; marking the stages of the life cycle and ritual acts, fasts, days of remembrance of the holy martyrs and the events of the sacred history of Christians and Muslims. Folk calendar nominations related to the traditional and canonical religious sphere, and correlations are studied in order to establish parity or dominance of one or the other. The identification and comparative analysis of the lexical units of the Ossetian language used to designate the annual circle and its segments (taking into account the dialect variants – Digor and Iron), made it possible to combine them in five groups in accordance with the dominant mental ideas. The combination of lexical units of different historical layers is established – from the archaic binary and ternary division of the natural cycle (winter-summer; winter, spring, summer), the Проблемы традиционной культуры chronological vocabulary of natural cycles and the Christian church calendar (pre-Petrine and reformed), astronomical phenomena, the biological cycle of animals, kinds of agricultural work, the rites of the life cycle to the civil calendar of Peter’s time. Among the nomination incentives, pantheistic and religious Christian mental representations prevail. The main nominations of the month and week, fixing characteristic natural phenomena, do not always coincide with them actually. In the development of calendar chronology, the principle of complementarity applies: new names do not crowd out old ones, but form a lay ering.

Key words

calendar chronology, mental representations, nominative vocabulary, traditional Ossetian calendar.

For citation

Kulova I., Rudichenko T. Traditional calendar of ossetian-christians in the light of people’s chronology // South-Russian musical anthology. 2020. No 2. Pp. 112–118.