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A. Sarzhant

About the orchestral embodiment of dialogic musical drama in the symphonic works by G. Dmitriev

The article deals with dialogic musical drama, which is one of the formative principles of the orchestral texture and allows us to better comprehend the content of a musical work. This principle was justified by G. Dmitriev in the monograph “On the dramatic expressiveness of orchestral writing” and found implementation in the work of the composer himself. The work analyzes three of his compositions, where the dialogic drama is most clearly manifested: the Second Symphony “On the Kulikovo field” (episode “Nocturne”), the Third Symphony “Misterioso” and the Concert Music for flute and chamber Orchestra “Sibyl”. In these works, the dialogic musical drama consists of the interaction of two images, which are characterized by the semantic autonomy and independence of the means of expression that embody these images, primarily orchestration. Considering the theoretical basis of dialogic drama, Dmitriev identifies some conditions for its successful functioning, one of which is the presence of moments of simultaneous combination of two musical images, which helps to avoid looseness and fragmentary presentation. Following the theoretical observations made, the composer leads in the scores of his own compositions the development of dialogicality to a two-layer nature, which ensures the integrity of musical processes. The two-layered orchestral texture in Dmitriev’s compositions is often based on the simultaneous sound of precisely rhythmized and freely organized layers performed by instruments of different orchestral groups. The analysis carried out in the article shows that the principle of dialogic musical drama is applied by Dmitriev both at the level of individual episodes of a large form, and at the macro-level, as the implementation of the general dramatic dialectic of figurative spheres on the scale of the work.

Key words

dialogical drama, dialogue, musical image, formative principle, two-layer, orchestra, score, G. Dmitriev.

For citation

Sarzhant A. About the orchestral embodiment of dialogic musical drama in the symphonic works by G. Dmitriev // South-Russian musical anthology. 2021. No. 1. Pp. 11–17.