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G. Skhaplok

«Theme and variations» for trumpet and orchestra by M. Gottlieb in context of the composer’s wind music

This article attempts to examine the work of the famous Russian composer Mikhail Gottlieb (1907–1978), in particular his composition «Theme and Variations» for trumpet and orchestra. The article gives a brief biography of the musician, highlights his main works for brass orchestra.

The relevance and research novelty of the article are characterized by the fact that the author refers to an almost unexplored opus in the field of Russian wind music. M. Gottlieb’s last opus, «Theme and Variations» for Trumpet and Orchestra, is dedicated to the famous trumpet performer Timofey Dokshitser. The work is one of the most interesting and repertoire in the field of wind music. The opus is a classic variation, which offers the main theme and twelve different, multi-genre sections – options for its embodiment. The composer skillfully alternates between fast and slow variations, emphasizing dynamic and textured contrasts. M. Gottlieb uses simple one-, two- and three-part forms in sections, which gives the music dynamics, «liveliness» and structural clarity.

The author of the article focuses his attention on such aspects of a concert work as form, musical language, figurative, structural-semantic and genre specificity. The analysis of the selected essay allows the researcher to designate the content and structural aspects, as well as the musical and expressive means used by M. Gottlieb in the process of composing.

Based on the research done, we can conclude that M. Gottlieb’s music for wind instruments, in particular his «Theme and Variations», demonstrates a high artistic and technical level and rightfully occupies a prominent place in the repertoire of military music orchestras.

Key words

M. Gottlieb, «Theme and Variations» for Trumpet and Orchestra, a military brass band, the Russian wind music.

For citation

Skhaplok G. «Theme and variations» for trumpet and orchestra by M. Gottlieb in context of the composer ’s wind music // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2022. No. 1. Pp. 106–112.