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Nikolay V. Shimansky

Doctor of Sciences (Musicology)
Professor of the Department of Music Theory at the Belarusian State Academy of Music
Member of the Church and Public Council for the Development of Russian Church Singing

Research sphere and interests

Research interests are concentrated in the field of early polyphony.
PhD research: Polyphonic Symphonies by N. Y. Myaskovsky. M., 1985.
Grand PhD research: Early Polyphony in the Liturgical Music of The Western European Middle Ages (on the Organum Typology). Minsk, 2017.


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  2. Articles in academic peer-reviewed journals:

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  6. Shimansky N. V. The Problem of Early Polyphony in the Period of the Notre-Dame School (with the Example of Organum by Pérotin) // South-Russian Musical Anthology. No. 1 (22), 2016. – C. 5 – 11; // Culture of Belarus: encycl.: at 6 t / redcal.: U. Andryevich (Gal. red.) [I NS.] – Minsk: P. Brock Belar. encycl. IMIA, 2010 – 2015. - Vol. 6. – 2015. – P. 205 – 206.
  7. Shimansky N. V. On the Construction of the Artistic Style in the Mass “Gregorianica” by A. Litvinovsky // Literature and Art of the New Century: the Transformation Process and the Traditions’ Continuity: Materials of the International Academic Conf. on Jan. 20-21 2016, Prague; ed. by V. V. Lipich. – Prague: Vědecko vydavatelské centrum "Sociosféra-CZ", 2016. - P. 59-61.


Nikolay V. Shimansky made a significant contribution to the development of discipline in Belarusian musicology. In this regard, he developed the typology of polyphony on the basis of extensive historical and theoretical material, including music samples by modern Belarusian composers.