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T. Gerdova

Performing activities of Donbass professional pianists (the end of the XIXth – the first third of the XXth century)

The article is devoted to the examination of local professional pianist’s contribution to the development of Donbass piano art from the end of the ХІХth to the beginning of the ХХth centuries. The peculiarity of development of Donbass piano performing art at the beginning of the ХХth century was recovered on the background of music life in the region of this period. New historical facts have discovered the varieties of pianists concert activity in the region and the role of private music schools in the progress of the regional concert life. The analysis of historical information revealed the fact that Donbass professional pianist’s performance activity at the beginning of the ХХth century was holding with the absence of academic traditions of concert performance. The significance of local professional pianist’s concert activity consists in the creation and intensify of academic line in Donbass piano performance. The concentration of professional pianists in private music schools attached them importance of the centers of concert life in the region. The Donbass professional pianist’s performance activity compensated the absence of concert organizations in the cities of Donbass.

Key words

piano art, professional pianists, concert performing art, solo concerts, chamber ensembles, accompaniment art.