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E. Andruschenko

A. Lloyd-Webber and «music from the former USSR»: near the sources of the «Third current»

The different aspects of perception of A. Lloyd-Webber’s musical-theatrical works on his colleagues from «the former USSR» and post-Soviet Russia for a period of the 1970–2000s are reflected in the article. The especially consideration is given to creative discussions around the famous rock opera «Jesus Christ – Superstar» (D. Shostakovich took part in them). The author characterizes the influence of the mentioned rock opera and other A. LloydWebber’s works such native masters as A. Petrov, A. Zhurbin, A. Rybnikov, A. Kolker, G. Gladkov, E. Artemyev, Yu. Falik, A. Tchaikovsky and others.

Key words

A. Lloyd-Webber, popular-genre music theatre, musical, rock opera, «Jesus Christ – Superstar», D. Shostakovich, the «Third tendency» in Soviet music.