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M. Romanets

«Self portrait» by Rodion Shchedrin in the context of related arts

The article deals with a musical self-portrait as a special art form of self-identification of artistic practices of the twentieth century, on the one hand, typologically akin to the broader phenomenon of the portrait, on the other hand, having the specific differences. Among the features defining the essence of musical self-portrait is the use of reception avtotsitirovaniya as a means of displaying a variety of self-parties as a result of understanding the basic stages of creative development through selection and concentration of the most characteristic, from the point of view of the author himself, the elements of his personal style. The paper also summarizes information on the beautiful self-portraits, presented their views on the different set of different parameters (creative installation author, explicitness self-portrait, a method of supplying the «main subject matter»). We also consider the peculiarities of the genre in the related arts (film, photography and literature). A good example is a musical self-portrait «Self Portrait» by Rodion Shchedrin, who analyzed the work from a position accuracy of capturing the composer himself. Shchedrin recreates its image, leveraging a rich arsenal of compositional tools: the most revealing stylistic devices, architectural signs (theme-monogram), and finally a quote from his own previous written works.

Key words

self portrait, self-identification, self-quotation, creative work by R. Shchedrin.