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N. Petrova

Effective vocational teaching of vocal technique for students

The article discusses the aspects of professional training of a student–vocalist in the process of educational activity. The author appeals to this issue due to the fact that modern singing practice is in many ways ahead of theoretical reflection in this field, and the pedagogical process requires to remove the inconsistency and to achieve a high-quality methodological support A brief review of scientific research on the problems of formation of vocal skills, voice, articulation, sound formation, breathing, development of hearing skills of the singer is given. The ways of scientific search for new pedagogical technologies, means and methods of vocal pedagogy are marked. The author emphasizes that the development of vocal pedagogy is impossible without taking into account the psychophysiological characteristics of the performer and should be carried out on the basis of an individual approach to the formation of his personality. Principles of consistent and systematic training, as well as the conscious assimilation of knowledge and skills on the basis of visibility and accessibility are considered by the author as fundamental in modern vocal pedagogy. Paying tribute to the methods of independent work of students, the author draws attention to the empirical or reproductive method that allows to show and imitate, to warn the participants of the educational process from direct training, to equalize the creative individuality, the formation of which is the main goal of vocational training of the singer.

Key words

vocal technique, methods of vocal training, personality-oriented approach, vocational vocal training.