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E. Mironenko

Asynchrony of national stylistic directions as an indicator of the growth of Moldovan compositional school

The article is devoted to the issue of preservation and development of national stylistic tradition in the music of contemporary Moldovan composers. The article consists of two parts. The first one considers the theory of national style in academic music of European tradition, the author provides stylistic directions in accordance with three chronological epoch styles: folklorism; new folklorics and new folklore wave; postfolklorism, archetypalisation, conceptualisation and their combinations. In the second part of the article there are examples of three contemporary pieces by Moldovan composers that represent different stylistic approaches to the national traditions. Thus, the piece “Betuta” for four saxophones by S. Pyslar with the elements of fank can be attributed to an original example of new folklorics. The symphony “The Legend of Buchum” for chamber orchestra and two French horns by V. Ciolak appeals to the deep folkloric layer of buchum’s music – antient signal instruments of Balkan region, including Moldova. Stylisation of folk songs and dances in the context of traditions of classicism and romanticism attributes the symphony to the postfolklorismus. In the symphony “Under the Sun and Stars” for triple size orchestra by G. Chobanu different national and stylistic markers are combined – total archetypalisation, new folklorics and conceptual symbolisation of Colinda genre, what puts the symphony on the territory of musical postmodern. Therefore, in academic music of Moldova, multi-layered national tradition is existing in the asynchrony of historically different stylistic directions, what accounts for the growth of Moldovan compositional school.

Key words

composers of Moldova, national tradition, folklorismus, new folklorics, archetypisation, conceptualisation of folklore.

For citation

Mironenko E. Asynchrony of national stylistic directions as an indicator of the growth of Moldovan compositional school // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2021. No. 2. Pp. 28–34.