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V. Glushkova, V. Zaritskiy, G. Andrievskaya

Contemporary mass media on a dialogue between word and music

A person is formed as a personality in the process of mastering the axiology and semantic richness of culture. The main channel of dissemination of the meanings produced and accumulated by culture – knowledge, values and meanings – in modern society is the mass media. The article discusses the Russian periodicals of 2010s (popular scientific, critical-publicistic, literary and belles-lettres, as well as editions which are guided by inclusion of varied social-political and cultural problems) in the aspect of representation in the pages of perspective mates of words and music in the space of contemporary culture. Moreover word and music as the most important ways of spiritual human exploration of the surrounding space, as a key communicative codes ensuring human productive transmission of his actual experience of reality, experience diverse interactions with her. The analysis of a voluminous set of publications which belong to various genres and appear in the modern Russian periodical press shows that the stated problems are fixed by the journalistic society. In particular the authors of appropriate essays and articles emphasize some metaphorical conjugations of word and music (“poetry of musical tone”, “music of poetry”, etc.). Furthermore, the many-sided “dialogues” between word and music in the various spheres of the song art (folklore, popular and variety song of the 20th century), “poly- artistic” synthesizing processes to be connected with active interactions of music and drama theatre, music and cinematography. At the same time they virtually are not presented in the media, regardless of its cultural and social significance, in the form of a detailed popular science dialogues or analytical and critical commentaries addressed to a wide audience.

Key words

Russian mass media, periodicals, contemporary culture, communicative processes, word and music, dialogue, poetics of interactions.

For citation

Glushkova V., Zaritskiy V., Andrievskaya G. Contemporary mass media on a dialogue between word and music // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2021. No. 2. Pp. 35–45.