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T. Shak

The image of an «odd man» in Russian cinema: musicological aspect

In the article, based on the analysis of two films «Flying in a dream and in reality» (A. Dovzhenko Film Studio, 1982, dir. R. Balayan, composer V. Khrapachev) and «The Geographer Drank His Globe Away» («Marmot film», 2013, dir. A. Veledinsky, composer A. Zubarev), the author determines the role of music in creation of the figure of an «odd man», realized in the main characters of the films – Sergey Makarov (O. Yankovsky) and Viktor Sluzhkin (K. Khabensky), positive and negative at the same time, woven from contradictions (education and skepticism, decency and cynicism, worldly wisdom and spiritual fatigue), which absorbed the typical features of Russian intellectuals. It is proved that music, in the system of cinematic means of expressiveness, becomes an important factor of characterization, which consists of leitmotifs, specially written for films: the themes of «Longing» and «Bravado» («Flights...») of «Inner World», «Reflections », «Reality» («The geographer drank his globe away») and song quotes – «I am free» (music by V. Kipelov, lyrics by M. Pushkina), «Vladimir Central » (M. Krug), «Colorful fairs» (Y. Lyaskovskiy), «Strangers in the Night» (B. Kaempfert), Russian folk song «The Dove Flew». The climaxes of films made with the use of music (the interaction of several themes or the subtext function of music based on the contrast of visual and audio components) are analyzed, what allows us to speak about the presence of musical dramaturgy as part of the dramaturgy of a media text. The author identifies that between the films there are direct references, visual, semantic and musical quotations, as well as the commonality of the genre specificity of the films (psychological dramas and philosophical parables). The disclosure of important social issues and the formation of a new type of hero make it possible to classify these films as cult films, and music is one of the reasons for that, since, due to its specificity, it indirectly influences subconscious of the audience and forms a certain emotional attitude towards the characters and the main issue of the work.

Key words

psychological drama, music themes, character, leit-timbre, musical dramaturgy, culmination.

For citation

Shak T. The image of an «odd man» in Russian cinema: musicological aspect // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2022. No. 1. Pp. 32–40.