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S. Nemtsova-Ambaryan

Representation of a text and its genesis in editional practice: on the prospects of digital musicology

The article is devoted to a promising direction of music textual studies in the field of scholar music publications – digital musicology, as part of digital humanities – a field of research at the intersection of computer science and the humanities. The research focus is on archival digital projects, coding resources and scholar digital publications. The analysis of modern theoretical concepts and existing digital projects in the field of musical art allows us to identify the main advantages in the digital representation of musical text and its genesis, overcoming the limitations of music printing technology. The article discusses coding initiatives, in particular, MEI, MIT, musicXML, which made it possible to create music data and digital music publications representing various genres and historical periods. Particular attention is paid to identifying a wide range of opportunities for the study, analysis of music, as well as the theory and methodology of critical editing. The article deals with commented digital archives that offer a solution to one of the urgent problems of editorial practice – the safety and accessibility of surviving handwritten documents. Despite the existence of scholar digital music publications (for example, Bach Digital, Digital Mozart Edition), there are still debatable questions about the structure of a scholar digital publication and the editorial functions of musicologists in the process of its creation. Hybrid publications seem promising, representing a symbiosis of traditional scholar-critical printed publication, practical from the point of view of performers, and digital content, aimed at transmitting information about the sources of the text and its genesis.

Key words

digital musicology, music textual studies, digital research publication, editorial practice.

For citation

Nemtsova-Ambaryan S. Representation of a text and its genesis in editional practice: on the prospects of digital musicology // South-Russian Musical Anthology. 2022. No. 2. Pp. 95-102.