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N. Antonenko

Some actual problems of vocal education in context of modern performing art

The role of performer steady grows in the musical world; the fate of musical heritage, both the past and present depends on that interpreter. It puts substantial responsibility not only on the process of performing but also on professional training of performer. Hence the modern system of musical education, putting aim to assist forming of specialist of wide profile, must be built on combination of traditional «knowledge method» and new сompetence approach. One of ways of practical realization of this interaction is undertaken in Rostov State S. Rachmaninov Conservatoire. It is introduction to the vocal faculty curriculum of new lecture-practical course «History of performing styles». This discipline called on the basis of stylish analysis must form future performers’ and teachers’ skills of practical read of musical text with the purpose of forming of individual interpretations.

Key words

performing interpretation, highschool system of music education, «knowledge method», competence approach, style analysis of musical composition.