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Южно-Российский музыкальный альманах
South-Russian Musical Anthology
Iuzhno-Rossiiskii Muzykal'nyi Al'manakh

Academic journal
Founded in 2004
Since 2014 the journal has been published quarterly

The journal is included in the List of Academic Journals Recommended by the High Attestation Commission of Ministry of Education and Science of Russia

ISSN 2076-4766 (Print)
ISSN 2712-9764 (Online)

Subscription number in the Unified Catalogue «Russian Press» 79315

Founder and publisher:
Rostov State Rachmaninov Conservatoire

The journal is registered with Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Mass Communication, Communications and the Protection of Cultural Heritage.
Registration Certificate: ПИ № ФС77-62392

23 Budennovsky av., Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Postal Code in Russia: 344002

E-mail: riocons@mail.ru

The full-text version of the edition, as well as abstracts in Russian and in English are placed in free access in the «Archives». All the archives of the journal are also presented in the Russian Electronic Scientific Library – RSCI.

The journal is registered as I︠U︡zhno-Rossiĭskiĭ muzykalʹnyĭ alʹmanakh in the union catalog OCLC WorldCat and at the Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM) as Ûžno-Rossijskij muzykal’nyj al’manah.

South-Russian Musical Anthology 2023–1 (50)


Musical Culture of the South of Russia

  • Dabaeva I. Musical world of Vladimir Krasnoskulov (to the 80th birthday of the composer)

On the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of S. Rachmaninoff

  • Yudina V. Towards the history of one S. Rachmaninoff’s dedication
  • Batagova T. Music by S. Rachmaninoff in the choreographic statements of the present

Music and Art in the Mirror of Philosophy

  • Pigulevskiy V., Mirskaya L. The charming: a touch of the flesh and aesthetics of lust
  • Nemtsova-Ambaryan S. Thanatological motif in music (on the example of E. Glebov’s musical and theatre heritage)

Performing Art

  • Zaitseva K., Shigaeva E. Neapolitan mandolin in the musical life of Paris in the 18th century
  • Alieva Z. Program features in the First Violin Sonata by J. Brahms: towards the problem of figurative and semantic interpretation
  • Politanskaya Yu. The doctrine of the vocal ornaments performing in the treatise “The Art and Physiology of Singing” by Enrico Delle Sedie
  • Kozlov D. A modern vocalist in the “dialogue” with musical classics: the heuristic aspect

Problems of Musicology

  • Andrievskaya G. Music critique of the Silver Age: perspectives of the theoretical self-knowledge
  • Gerasimova I. Musical editions of 1943 by the Riga printing house of Nikolai Vieglays (based on the materials of the Assumption church archive in the village Aksenovo, Palkinsky district, Pskov region)

Problems of Inclusive Music Education

  • Ivanchenko T. The role of music in speech therapy lessons for children with disabilities
  • Nadler S. Learning to musical notation by visually impaired people: problems and solutions
  • Mitus I., Yilmaz A. Principles of choosing musical material for dance and movement therapy in the practicing with disabilities children

Aspects of Mass Musical Culture

  • Xia Yu. The influence of Wynton Marsalis on acoustic jazz in the 1990s
  • Zavada I., Shak T. Meter-rhythm as a factor of dramaturgy in the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” by A. Lloyd-Webber