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G. Kaloshina, M. Golovina

Dramatic composition of the opera by L. Klinichev «Drama at the Hunt»

In the article the opera by L. Klinichev «Drama at the Hunt» (2009) is examined for the first time from the position of synthesis of various kinds of opera theatre, devices of stage and screen dramatic composition, by revealing patterns of thematic process. Conceptual lines of the composition are designated, dramaturgical levels and strata are systematized, main leitmotif formations of continual symphonic developments are denoted. It is proved that L. Klinichev’s opera is a rich in information polyvalent play and the original dramaturgic interpretation of Chekhov’s novel as well.

Key words

opera, poly genre, conception, parallel dramaturgy, continual development of characters, cutting, frame montage, conflict interaction, polyvalent.