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E. Alimova (Gumarova)

Crimean Tatar and Russian-Ukrainian Origins of M. Khalitova’s Vocal Lyrics

The article emphasizes the origins and influences which determine vocal lyrics features of one of the greatest modern Crimean composers M. Khalitova. Summarized analytical characteristics of main composer’s works in song-romance genre are given by the author. Complex reviewing of M. Khalitova’s vocal lyrics includs three genre-stylistic blocks – classical (academical) in the form of poem romances by Russian poet-symbolist M. Voloshin’s lyrics; groundwork-national (based on Crimean Tatar poets’ poems); synthesizing, turned into the Triptych on Ukrainian poet I. Franko’s poems. M. Khalitova’s song-romance style constituent is examined in a context of integral thinking of the prominent composer-symphonist.

Key words

M. Khalitova, chamber and vocal lyrics, song-romance style, musical and poetical expression, symphonic thinking.