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E. Kiseeva

The stages of formation and development of postmodern dance in the second half of the XXth – beginning of the XXIth centuries

The article analyzes the historical problems of forming and development of Postmodern Dance as a special field of musical and choreographic theatre of the second half of the XXth – beginning of the XXIth century. Postmodern Dance is a young synthetic form of modern art which lively responses to the latest artistic ideas of era, displays most opening to creative experiments, attracts the fixed attention of leading choreographers and ballet masters (M. Cunningham, L. Childs, I.Rainer, T.Brown), the greatest composers-innovators (J. Cage, D. Tudor, E. Brown, F. Glass), playwrights and filmmakers (Ch. Atlas, E. Kaplan, W. Wenders, R. Polanski), artists and designers (R. Rauschenberg, А. Warhol, N. J. Paik). The author examines this phenomenon in the context of experimental Avant-garde art practices, notes the influence of social ideas on the subject and imaginative world productions, indicates some features of music and dance performances established under the influence of contemporary technologies.

Key words

Postmodern Dance, music and dance performance, art of Avant-garde, experimental practices.