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A. Arakelyan

Аchievements of musicology and modern targets of the military reform in Russia (Towards the problem of actualization of scholar researches in the Armed Forces of our country)

The article examines the perspective directions of research work of scientific sub-units which are organized in the modern Armed Forces of Russia. The author elucidates some possible ways of interactions between applied military scholars and musicology. In particular, achievements of native complementary medicine and musical psychotherapy which stand in need of subsequent development and practical use are characterized. The great importance of musical-sociological surveys in youth environment and the necessity of single-minded servicemen’s enlisting in such surveys are noted. The author marks positive tendencies in musical creative work by North-Caucasian youth which lead to the increase in interests of young people for native classical musical heritage. These trends are favourable for the productive musical enlightenment in military units in the region. Servicemen’s aspiration to realize their creative talents in the sphere of amateur determines indisputable updating of native innovative methods within the development of tuneful ear. Named methods are closely related to the application of technical means of education that is also reflected in the article.

Key words

Armed Forces of Russia, military reform, musicology, complementary medicine, musical psychotherapy, musical-sociological researches, musical enlightenment, innovatory methods of development of tuneful ear.