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Z. Markovskaya-Shunkova

The formation and development of the Jewish cultural-musical tradition in territory of the russian empire in the XIXth – beginning of the XXth centuries

The article analyzes the main trends of the evolution of Jewish religious and secular musical art, the so-called pale of settlement, the end of the XIXth – beginning of the XXth centuries. The author identifies cause-and-effect relationship between historical-cultural events and the development of musical culture of the Jewish communities in the Russian Empire. The process of formation and development of the unique cultural phenomenon as Klezmer art is discovered. The author analyzes the work of outstanding Klezmers and explores the character of their impact on the subsequent development of Jewish musical art. Main categories and concepts inherent in Jewish musical-creative activities by Klezmers and Hassidim are given. The basic principles of the Hassidic musical traditions are discussed. The analysis of the influence of multi-ethnic environment in forming the musical art of a new type, which became the musical creative work by Klezmers and Hassidim in the midst of Jewish communities are reviewed. The author identifies the main ethno-cultural characteristics of musical art of Jewish communities in the Pale of Settlement.

Key words

Jewish music, Klesmer, Hassidic nigun, Jewish culture, A.-M. Kholodenko, J. Drucker, M.-J. Guzikov.