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S. Shkolyarenko

F. Chopin’s innovatoring in the sphere of piano facture: polygenreness, concert and chamber tendencies

The article addresses the specifics of the style of piano facture in works by F. Chopin, a true pioneer in this field. It highlights and systemizes F. Chopin’s piano texture style determinants resulting from polygenreness as well as the synthesis of concert and chamber styles, which later became a leading trend in romantic and postromantic pianism. The paper considers the ingredients of F. Chopin’s piano facture based on modern scholar methodology, which provides a new insight into Chopin’s polyphony as a phenomenon in aesthetics and poetics of world piano art. It emphasizes the importance of theoretical views of F. Chopin’s facture for performers with regard to «transcription» of Chopin’s polyphony, interpretation of figuration complex, correlation of pattern and background in the terms of facture of piano pieces of the composer.

Key words

F. Chopin, piano facture, polygenreness, concert and chamber tendencies, polyphony, figuration complex, facture relief and background.