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E. Chyornaya

«The window to music» by A. Karamanov: neostylistics in the genre of children’s piano album

The article is devoted to the individual and the stylistic peculiarities of the implementation of the genre of children’s piano album (cycle) by one of the classics of modern native music A. Karamanov. The author first proposes a comprehensive analysis of the only in A. Karamanov’s works child album-cycle «The Window to music», shows the location of the work in the history of the genre and its successive connections. The means of language which the composer uses to put his ideas to piano music for and about children, are characterized. The cycle-album «The Window to music» created in the «modernist» period of the composer embodies the principle of custom-made dodecaphony in miniature forms – one of neostylistic directions experienced by A. Karamanov towards his mature «religious» period of creative work. The facture-phonic means of language, the forming components in the «The Window to music» are identified and systematized. The internal structure of the album consisting of «blocks» micro-cycles with the respective reminiscences and «arches» is shown. The instructive-piano component, contained in the album with art-imaginative one, is marked, which quite justifies the name of this work in complex.

Key words

A. Karamanov, children’s piano album-cycle, neostylistics, «The Window to music», custom-made dodecaphony, programmness, facture-phonic complex.