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A. Krygin

I. S. Bach’s «Сhaconne» in transcription for guitar by A. Segovia: a trial of intonation-performing analysis

The article is devoted to the creative work of an outstanding guitarist of the XXth century Andres Segovia, who brought guitar performing art in the leading position among other musical instruments and created the conditions for the reproduction and approval of new cultural and performing phenomenon – Academic guitar art. In order to realize multiple appropriatenesses of guitar art it is exceptionally important to identify and systematize the principles of interpretational-performing work on a piece of music, which is based on the creative method by A. Segovia. The subject of this article is the study of performing and interpretive skills of A. Segovia (on example of «Chaconne» by J. S. Bach), the aim of the article is to identify the principles of interpretative works of Segovia in aspect of the creation of the author version of performance of a musical work. The scholar novelty of this study is connected with the precedent of the intonationperforming analysis of named transcription for guitar by A. Segovia to be presented through the prism of author’s interpretative principles. The results of the study include a wide range of identified and systematized principles of interpretative work by A. Segovia, which provide the maximum authenticity of Bach’s works conception in a dialectically changing realities of musical art of the XXth century. At the same time A. Segovia innovatively modified the technical capabilities of guitar to create aesthetically sophisticated intonation component of the artistic image.

Key words

guitar art, A. Segovia, performing version, performing tone, J. S. Bach, «Chaconne», intonation-performing analysis, interpretation.