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N. Didenko

Musical-speech etiquette of the early classical era in the context of development of contemporary musician-performer’s intonation thinking (Trio sonata «Dialogue of Sanguine and Melancholic Persons» by Ph. E. Bach as an example)

The process of forming and development of contemporary musician’s intonation thinking attending to education at high music school is characterized in the article. The author points to priority role of musical-interpreting activity in the mentioned process, exposes a dialogic nature of the named activity. A specifics of the latter is examined on example of musical thinking in early classical era first of all chamber ensemble works by Ph. E. Bach. In connection with it a considerable notice is given to musical-etiquette aspects of interpretation of Trio sonata «Dialogue of Sanguine and Melancholic Persons».

Key words

musical-speech etiquette, early classical era, intonation thinking, musical performing art, Ph. E. Bach, Trio sonata «A Dialogue of Sanguine and Melancholic Persons».