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L. Ryabchikova

European cultural traditions in the cantata «Ice Chants» by Ekatherina Olyorskaya

The article is devoted to synthesizing processes in works by the contemporary Russian composer E. Olyorskaya. The author characterizes in brief the creative character of the composer, gives an account of according biographic information. Further some peculiarities of E. Olyorskaya’s creative search in connection with composing of large work – the cantata «Ice Chants» on poem «Ice-69» by A. Voznesenskiy – are elucidated. In the course of examining the composer’s intention the researcher takes notice of the non-trivial approach to realization of literary idea, features of musical dramaturgy and musical language. Experimental tendencies inherent in reciprocities of the phonetic level and musical intonation in E. Olyorskaya’s vocal works are marked in the article.

Key words

E. Olyorskaya, cantata «Ice Chants», A. Voznesenskiy, phonetic text, cantata.