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T. Ovchinnikova

A choral pearl of Don (Towards the anniversary of the synthesis-choir «Singers of the Quiet Don»)

The article is devoted to the analysis of the creative activity of the Rostov synthesis-choir «Singers of the Quiet Don» by the People’s Artist of the Russia, Professor Victor Goncharov (1951–2013). The author elucidates briefly the artistic biography of the collective: its formation, tour activities, competitive achievements. Some opinions and recollections of well-known musicians and musical-public figures about concert performances are adduced. A special attention is spared to «synthesis-choir» definition that may be motivated of the universal approach to repertoire – from classical music, modern works and folklore by traditional choral execution to choral-theatrical directions.

Key words

synthesis-choir «Singers of the Quiet Don», conductor V. Goncharov, choral concerts, international choral competitions, choral theatre.