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V. Mostitskiy

Leonid Sobinov: Precepts to young singers

The article is devoted to the creative rivalry of the great Russian singers L. Sobinov and F. Chaliapin. This rivalry was repeatedly became a topic of gossip and scandal in by-art press. The author identifies the significant and secondary motives of the named rivalry, and reveals the inconsistency of the «sensational» version of «salierism» by Sobinov – the sham intriguer and envious person supposedly sought to discredit Chaliapin and belittle his contribution to the development of national operatic art. On the basis of documentary materials – published Sobinov’s correspondence and memoir publications about him – recreated the authentic appearance of the famous artist is recreated. It was not devoid of small human weaknesses, but always noble and impeccably honest in his devotion to Russian art and in relationships with colleagues on the opera stage.

Key words

L. Sobinov, F. Chaliapin, opera theatre, «mozartism» and «salierism» in art, artistic rivalry.