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T. Novikova

Postmodernism: theory and practice

Postmodernity and postmodernism problem continues to be one of the most actual. A unity of views on the semantics of these terms is still not reached and all the reasons for this situation in science are not clear. Disagreements exist in almost all the issues: what do these terms mean, what are their chronological frameworks etc. The most emblematic are the doubts concerning the existence of postmodernism phenomenon, which were caused by the contradictions with the practice («postmodern – is it a chimera or reality?»). Understanding of postmodernism as a successor of modernism in his theoretical reflection and as a precursor of virtualistics with its estrangement from reality allows interpreting it as «a chimera, which has become reality», or as a theory, which has become the practice.

Key words

modernism, modern, postmodern, postmodernism, virtualistics.