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V. Eknadiosov

A training opera performance and its role in formation of the professional singer

The article is devoted to the problems of education of opera singer in high music school. The author notes the inadequate immersion of students in the live atmosphere of the performance that is bound up with deficiency of full-fledged opera training productions. Such production aimed to help student to overcome his personal inertia of soloing and renounce the slighting treatment of second plan opera parts in the focus of the researcher’s attention. Talking about the skills of stage behavior, the author establishes the necessity to co-creation of a novice artist and director, the manifestation of fantasy and improvisation. The particular attention is paid to dramaturgy of «silent episodes» which engrave on the extensive scope of thoughts or feelings and quite often have in common with vocal scenes in this aspect. Analyzing the achievements of famous opera singers, the researcher, after N. Kuznetsov, formulates and systematizes the most important principles of the opera artist profession.

Key words

opera performance, music-stage education, opera singer-actor, opera dramaturgy, stage behaviour.