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I. Grinchenko

A choral miniature in performing practice

The article is devoted to the central problem of musical art pedagogy: the formation of skills for understanding, comprehension and performing interpretation of artistic texts. In connection with it specific problems caused by synthesizing, informational-concentrated text of choral miniature are examined. Characterizing technological aspects of appropriate educational process organization, the author is guided by the key propositions of the modern hermeneutics philosophy. The actualization of personal sense-comprehending as the most important component of performing activity of a student is represented to be a purpose of pedagogical influence in this sphere. In the channel of actual approaches to acoustic texts analysis the description of interpretations by outstanding choirmasters of the XXth century A. Sveshnikov and V. Polyanskiy (with the example the choral piece «The Nightingale» by P. Tchaikovsky) from a position of personal realization of artistic image in choral miniature is given.

Key words

interpretation of artistic text, hermeneutics, pedagogical technology, choral miniature, P. Tchaikovsky, acoustic text, A. Sveshnikov, V. Polyanskiy.