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N. Duda

Music theory and practice in music manuals of the XVIIth-century England

The article deals with the practical directivity of music theory in the XVII-century England. It raises the questions on the scientific significance of music manuals of this historical period. The main milestones of music printing, related to the music manuals and instruction books for amateur musicians, are considered in connection with socio-economic conditions of their creation and dissemination. The author gives a brief overview of the most important in the history of musicology training manuals of the late XVI–XVII century, including books by Barley, Morley, Simpson Playford etc. To the issue of the content of the music manuals the author raises the questions of copyright in XVII-century England. The article addresses the issue of the editorial activity of Henry Purcell on the twelfth edition of «An Introduction to the Skill of Music» and the role of the composer in processing the text of the book of John Playford.

Key words

music theory in 17th-century England, rudiment manuals and music instruction books, William Barley, Thomas Morley, Christopher Simpson, John Playford, Henry Purcell, music printing in the XVII-th century.